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EdTech innovation is student collaboration.

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This incubator-like experience is the only EdTech program that incorporates educational research as part of the core program. You will have the freedom to create advances and innovative products that might otherwise never be developed.

Participating in the program will help you:

  1. Transform your EdTech product ideas, from concept to reality.
  2. Expand your network through work with researchers, mentors, and peers.
  3. Learn new skills and develop your understanding of EdTech through interdisciplinary collaboration.
  4. Gain recognition and exposure from industry leaders.
  5. Create a substantive body of work that leads toward future academic and career opportunities.

Success Stories

INA provides connections to industry leaders as well as press coverage that can take winning ideas and push them into reality.

Get a glimpse of last year's winner — BestFit's success:

  1. No “I” in “Team” – Only in Innovation
  2. Budding start-up, born at TC, wins $100,000
  3. TC Student Entrepreneur Asha Owens to Compete at 2018 SXSW

Other examples include two INA Teams: EmQuo and MySulli named top 20 of 250 entries for the ATOS/IT Challenge 2018.

You could be next!

Who owns my ideas and/or products?

Students retain all the intellectual property rights to their project submissions. Be sure to follow all copyright and intellectual property laws during the development of the project.


Participation in the program is team based. All Columbia University students are encouraged to apply. Teams are encouraged to be interdisciplinary and must have at least one currently enrolled Teachers College student. Opportunities will be provided to find teammates.

Faculty members are not eligible to formally participate on a team, but may serve as mentors or advisers.

How do I participate, find a team?

Start talking to your friends and colleagues! Find a team.

Developed ideas and projects are encouraged. Deadline to apply is March 14, 2019.

There will be an info and team-formation session March 7 from 2:00 - 3:30pm in 322 Thompson Hall, Teachers College — where you'll be given an opportunity to meet other applicants.

What if I have an idea but I’m not sure if it’s ready?

We encourage you to apply. Technology ideas are never “ready.” This program is for nascent ideas. We will help you along with each step in the process. Email us if you have questions.

What if my domain isn’t technology based?

See next question.

What if I don’t have technical skills (e.g. programming, high-tech)?

Teams thrive when there is diversity in background, knowledge, and skill on the founding team. Everyone has something to offer. The only skills you need are the ability to work with a team and dogged commitment.

Opportunities will be provided to help you find the right team.

Commitment and Support

What kind of commitment is expected?

The program is divided into two parts: the hackathon, and the award and showcase event.

  • Two-day Hackathon - March 29 - 30 (Friday and Saturday)
  • Award and Project Showcase - April 13 (Saturday)

There will be a good amount of independent work to complete outside these hours. Students are responsible for managing commitments to the program and their team.

Sounds exciting! What can I do to prepare?

We recommend the following: 1) Start talking to people and find teammates, 2) Identify existing research and narrow down the problem space, 3) Learn about the process of turning concepts into testable prototypes. See suggested readings below.

How can I get more information about the program?

Sign-up for the initial info session and fill out the form here.

Timeline and Program overview

The following is an overview of the program timeline across the 2019 Fall term. Note that it is a tentative schedule. Times and topics are subject to change.

Key Dates Location Event
03/07/2019 322 Thompson Hall, Teachers College Informational and Team Finding Session
03/14/2019 Online Team Registration Deadline
03/29/2019 TBD Hackathon Day 1
03/30/2019 TBD Hackathon Day 2
04/13/2019 Smith Learning Theater Award and Project Showcase

The Showcase and Award Ceremony will be held on March 13, 2019 at Teachers College, Columbia University (525 W 120th St, New York, NY 10027) in the Smith Learning Theater. All other workshops and events will be located on campus.

How do I sign up?

See Get Involved.