INA 2020 Event
Congratulations Team Roargh - Project StorySky
Winner of the 2020 INA Award

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INA 2020 Winning Projects

INA 2020 Award
Project StorySky

Team: Roargh

David Zikovitz, Ying-Chen Lin, Mulan Fu, Marina Lemee

COVID has ... forced us all to realize the importance of our relationships for our social, emotional, and cognitive development and well-being. Our goal is to use the technology we have to reconnect families over distance through the telling of personal stories, providing an interactive story-time experience to rebuild those bonds and create a sort of keepsake of those fleeting memories.

People's Choice Award
Project Musitation

Team: Musitation

Fei Wang, Daniel Ahn, Anh-Thu Phan, Calley Nelson, Jason Reid

After COVID, people who have an interest in music creation are afraid of continuing in-person social musical activities although they desire immersive music learning and meaningful interpersonal interactions. The goal of Musitation is to support meaningful social interaction through music and to inspire people to creatively express themselves through collaborative VR music experiences.

Our Esteemed Judges for 2020

President Bailey

Dr. Thomas Bailey
President | Teachers College, Columbia University

Azi Jamalian

Dr. Azi Jamalian
Founder, CEO | The Giant Room

Amanda Rosenburg

Amanda Rosenburg
Product Lead + UX Staff Researcher | Google

Robert Steiner

Dr. Rob Steiner
Director of Online Teacher Ed. Programs | American Museum of Natural History

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