Team Melionaire - Project Dollar Dollar
Winner of the 2022 INA Award

Team Cerberus - Project Soteria
People's Choice Award

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INA 2022 Award
Project Dollar Dollar

Team: Melionaire

Keying Chen, Anqi Wang, Abu Abdelbagi, Xinyan (Helen) Song

In the Metaverse, where the virtual and the real world are converging, and hence the economies and finances of both worlds, our understanding of this financial convergence is still lacking. Through our design, we hope to bridge that gap through creating a safe environment in the Metaverse where learners get to practice and develop their financial literacy skills.

People's Choice Award
Project Soteria

Team: Cerberus

Blake Danzig, Grace Choi, Jordan Burkland

Our design supports social connectedness in order to improve employee well-being. Both regulation of emotions and genuine self-disclosure have been shown to enhance one's well-being (Luo & Hancock, 2020; Restubog et al., 2020). In having a place to share and participate in shared pain points of remote work isolation and mental wellness, remote workers can partake in a larger community and have access to advice on mental wellness in the remote workspace.

Our Esteemed Judges for 2022

Katie Embree

Dr. Katie Embree
Vice President for Planning and Strategy | Teachers College, Columbia University

Charles Lang

Dr. Charles Lang
Senior Executive Director of Digital Futures Institute | Teachers College, Columbia University

Travis Feldler

Travis Feldler
CEO and Co-Founder | TechRow

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams
Senior Director of Product | Brainpop

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